Eric's Attraction Scipt

This is the script to utilize the new "eXp 7-Benefits" video which is found here: ( 

< Try saying this without a long enough break to have them interrupt you. >

Hi (agent’s name), in addition to selling real estate, I have a unique role here at eXp.  I hope you take this as a compliment because you are a good agent; I am calling to see if you've seen our 2024 7-Benefits Video (Agent’s name). I am not asking you to change brokerages... it's only 15 minutes, and it will explain why almost 100,000 agents have come to us over the last 5 years.  Again, no pressure, but would you be interested or curious enough to carve out 15 minutes to see what the buzz is all about?

**You can add, at some point, something like this (when you feel comfortable to do so)

"As an appreciation for watching the 15 minutes, I would be happy to share a terrific Lead Generation training video of the 7 Top Tips to Generating Leads by the same speaker who did the 7 Benefits video...if you need some proven lead strategies."

Hi (agent’s name), this is Eric with eXp. How are you today (or, how's it going today)? 

< If they are short, move immediately to the next line.  Say the following without breaking too long, so they won't have a reason to speak. >

You know eXp is eXploding everywhere and I’m not asking you to change Brokers. We are agent owned and your volume is ideal for one of our programs. There’s a reason why 1000 agents a week are coming right now… And I’m calling, (agent’s name), just to see if you have seen our 2023 Agent Presentation (continue, don’t stop) and more importantly, had someone personalize it for your specific needs.  (Agent's name) have you actually seen our presentation? 

<If they push back gently with an objection... Say the following without breaking too long, so they won't have a reason to speak.>

I'm glad you're...(their issue)... Many agents say that (or feel this way) But there are reasons why 500 agents/week are still coming to us and some (their issue) We are an agent-owned company So we can be paid 3 ways rather than just 1 Some of our agents want healthcare and others may want to set up retirement Again, I am not asking you to change Brokers, (agent name) I hear you that you are not looking to switch brokerages Let’s get you in front of the info so you can see why so many agents are making the move Could we do something maybe later this week or is next week better? Extra to say (when timely)- I am a part of the eXp Freedom Team. We are a group of 3000 agents who work closely to assist all of our agents with More Production and we Collaborate closely to help us all succeed. I’d love to invite you to one of our classes to show you current ideas to bring in clients. 

Voicemail- (The key is saying their name two to three times, and '5-minutes' two to three times) "Hi (name), this is (your name) with eXp Realty. I'd like to bend your ear on some local real estate stuff TODAY when you have about 5 minutes. My number is XYZ-XYZ-ABCD. Shoot me a call anytime TODAY or this evening, when you have 5 minutes. I'm looking forward to connecting, (agent’s name). Again it's (your name) at XYZ-XYZ-ABCD. 

Objection Handling

Just another multi-level marketing company

I hear you, and I felt the same way, right? Let me share something with you, though we didn't change how we pay people at eXp. We just changed who got paid. If you're with Keller Williams, RE/MAX or any of these other companies, when you pay a split up to corporate, that money goes somewhere, right? It goes to the owners. Well, eXp just had the wisdom to make the agents into the owners. So rather than paying for an area, being a territory owner or regional owner, eXp pays the agents who build the company. So, I don't know about how this works at your company, but when you refer someone in you might get a Starbucks gift card, right? At eXp, once you refer someone in, you're not just getting a referral on a deal, you're getting a referral on deal flow. So, every time that agent sells a home, until they're capped, you'll be getting money. The eXp model is amazing because real estate agents are already salespeople: now you're getting paid for applying that knowledge towards recruiting. Our splits mean you're selling real estate more profitably, with better marketing, healthcare, stock, all everything else. Plus, you're attracting sales people, and potentially making $5,000 to $50,000 a month in passive residual income by doing it. That's like getting a $2 mill ion home sale, on top of your commission real estate sales. So personally, I love the fact that eXp is making all of us owners and rewarding the 10% of eXp agents attracting agents. Remember, most eXp agents don't recruit they're here because it's a better brokerage model. For the small percentage that do, they're rewarding us, not out of the agent's pocket, but out of the company's pocket. It's a beautiful system.

I've already seen it and decided against it

Awesome. I'm glad you took a dive. What aspects of it were you against? So, the beauty of eXp is the model, but maybe that wasn't presented to you well. We have close to 80,000 agents, and not all of them are going to be able to explain it effectively. So, who did you talk to? What presentation did you see? I ask because in my personal experience, once you truly see it, if you have an appetite for growth, production, and helping others, you can't unsee this model - it'll haunt your dreams in a good way.   So, you're either one of two people. You're either not an optimistic grower who wants to achieve more, or you are but the presentation was done wrong. Maybe you talked to somebody pushy, or maybe the timing wasn't right. Maybe the way they explained it just didn't click, or maybe you were so focused on other things you weren't really listening. Trust me, if you're in real estate and you spend a bit of time to understand the eXp model, you'll fall in love with it and never look back. 

I'm loyal/I like my broker/Happy where I'm at

We bring on happy people all the time. I love loyalty, and I was pretty loyal to my broker too. What I started realizing was I have to be more loyal to my family than I have to be to my broker. So in terms of your broker, maybe they taught you the business, helped you with marketing, introduced you to free coaching, and showed you how to be a top producer. You owe them, right? The thing is, you've already paid them a split on every single deal you've done. You've paid them back.  When you're paying that 30%, 40%, sometimes 50% split to a broker, you've paid your debt. So now, looking forward, think about your family and ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years, and what you could do with all the money you'd be paying to your broker over that period. In five years, do you want to be in a place where you built a passive income that you can leave to your children, or do you want to keep paying splits to someone just because you like them a lot?  eXp is virtual, so we don't have all the normal overhead. It's employee-owned, and again the eXp model is going to give you things you just won't get anywhere else. Who else offers stock, medical, things like that? You may be happy where you're at, but you'll be a lot happier at eXp.