Leads.  You WANT them.  Let us help you get leads into your funnel and have them come out as transactions.

Organization.  You NEED this.  Let kvCore keep you organized with your follow up and marketing.

Time.  You'll find MORE.  No more thinking about real estate 24 hours a day.  Let kvCore run on autopilot.

kvCore Mastery Program 

We will cover the basics of what to do first to filling your funnel with lots of leads.  Once your website is set up, setting up and personalizing the autopilot system for your current leads and any new leads is the next step and an important one!  We will work on how to generate new leads into your kvCore system and how to engage with kvCore on a daily basis to develop your leads into transactions.  

The training will include:

You will receive TWO one-on-one calls each month to discuss your marketing strategy and help you at your speed and WEEKLY group calls to learn the mechanics of kvCORE.  We will provide you with some upgraded campaigns available only to the Freedom Team members.

Also included is a checklist of daily, weekly and monthly activities to keep your kvCore running smoothly and consistently.

kvCore Website Setup - Done For You!

Get your website done... right now!  There are no delays when moving your real estate business to eXp with regards to your kvCore IDX website to maximize your lead capture. Have your home search and home valuation ready to engage with consumers. 

This setup includes:

In addition, we help guide you through the process of uploading and sorting your current database into kvCore.  

kvCore Marketing Maintenance Services

Keeping up with your new leads and transactions will be taking up more of your time now.  Let us keep your marketing going for you while you tent to new cliens and transactions.

We will do the following marketing items on your behalf:

* Additional fees will apply to join Keeping Current Matters for blogs ($29/month).  Any Google or Facebook ads desired will be an additional fee if you wish to boost your posts.  You control the ad budget which could be as little as $5 per week.

For more information on these programs, email us at Admin@FreedomTeamSupport.com.